So, I'm back with a big-ish update and lots of pretty new pictures.
It's already been a busy month, and I have lots left to look forward to, so lets have a gander at what I've been up to and what I've updated on the site.

Play Expo 2012:
First of all was play expo, and I managed to get my Link costume finished just in time!
Unfortunately due to the scenery we weren't able to get any decent shots, but Kai got some amaaazing ones of Primo outside in the car park, which I'm still drooling over!

It was an amazing expo, even better than last year and I'm incredibly sad to have left!
I wrote up a more detailed journal about it which you can read here.

- New photos added to Vongola Primo
- New bloopers/extras added
- Kai: DeviantART/Twitter

Link and Zelda Photoshoot:
Yesterday I came back from a photoshoot with Steph (MP Cosplay) and James (Iacobus Images) and we've already spammed pretty much everywhere with the news and some photos. Of course, the photos have now been added to my costume page, but it would be great if you could also check them out on James' and Steph's pages, because they deserve just as much love. 

I'm still over the moon about getting to work with these two insanely talented people, so I hope you enjoy the photos just as much as I do!

- New completed costume: TP Link
- New photoshoot added: TP Link
- Steph: DeviantART/Facebook/Twitter
- James: Facebook/Flickr/Twitter

London MCM Expo:
Next up is the eagerly awaited London MCM Expo!
A weekend full of fun, catching up with old friends, and meeting new - I can't wait!
Here's my line-up for the weekend...

Friday: Vongola Primo
With KHR group, taking part in CMV

Saturday: Link
With Twilight Princess group

Sunday: Alice
With Pandora Hearts group

Evenings: Kyoya Hibari

I'm really looking forward to being part of such amazing groups and spending time with everyone! If you spot me there, feel free to come say hi.

Lastly, I've created a Facebook page, so if anyone wants to like it, here it is: Linky Lex Cosplay

See you all after London!
- Lex

Well well, it's been far too long since I last updated this and I've got lots of new things for you to enjoy! Now to try remember everything that's happened and everything I updated...

I've been working loads recently and haven't really had the energy to post much, so I apologise for my inactivity across my sites, though it's likely it'll continue for a while longer, at least until my contract and everything is sorted. I'll make up for it at some point!

Things have been equally busy on the cosplay side, what with Manchester Expo, two cosplay meets and new costumes. Things are finally starting to settle down where that's concerned, which is good 'cause I CBA making anything.

Anyway, site updates, here we go - sectioned to make your browsing easier.

New costumes and photosets:

Since the last time I posted I've become obsessed with Katekyo Hitman Reborn, like really badly. On the plus side though, it's gotten me back into drawing and it got me into some really awesome cosplay groups <3 as a result, I've gotten myself two new costumes, both KHR related.

These are Vongola Primo, a hand-made costume, and Kyoya Hibari, a costume bought from a friend, and I've got plenty to show you from them.

Over the past couple of days I've uploaded 5 sets of photos related to both costumes.
That's 3 photoshoots and 2 blooper/extra sets, which is a new feature I added to the site.
I decided since I always have humorous photos, and get some that didn't come out the way I wanted but still look nice, I didn't want them to go to waste, so I've given them their own page. From now on, for each photoshoot I upload there will most likely be a bloopers and extras set attached to it. I hope you'll enjoy them!

Here's a quick run down of all costume updates so you can go check them out.

- New Costume Page: Vongola Primo
- New Photoshoot: Vongola Photoshoot
- New Costume Page: Kyoya Hibari
- New Photoshoot: D18 Photoshoot
- New Bloopers/Extras: D18 Photoshoot
- New Photoshoot: Mini KHR/Neko Photoshoot
- New Bloopers/Extras: Mini KHR/Neko Photoshoot

Just a warning though, the Kyoya ones include a decent amount of yaoi, because me and Kai are fangirling over D18 ATM. SORRY. Youloveitreallythough...

Sorry I haven't got more progress on my other costumes, they got pushed out of the way for these latest too and I haven't yet found the motivation to work on them again OTL

Artwork and Requests: 

I've recently started drawing again so I've gone ahead and added a 'Gallery' section, though this isn't related to the costumes, so please don't confuse it with them. This is mainly for my artwork.
Photoshoots will still be uploaded to their respective costume page and not the gallery, however bloopers/extras will be kept together in the gallery..

I've added a few of my first digital drawings to the gallery and hope to have more up shortly.
Whilst this is around I'll also be taking drawing requests as well as photography/costume ones as I'd really like to improve and this seems a fun way to do it.
All requests are FREE and I'll draw almost anything.
Simply send me an e-mail via the contact me page and let me know exactly what you want.

You can also request a photo of me in any of my available costumes, serious or silly, it doesn't matter, I'm up for it.

Please just remember that I have the right to refuse any request if I'm not comfortable and I cannot guarantee requests will be completed quickly as I have to fit them in around work.

Other Updates:

As well as everything listed above I've also updated the 'Events' section now that Manchester has passed and I've also removed the 'Shop' section as I have nothing left to sell and have decided to run things like this soley over Facebook in the future.

I THINK that's about it. I'm hate trying to summarize everything in a blog, I'm so bad at it.
I'm so sleepy.

Lex out!
Hello my pretties, I hope everyone is well!

I recently got back from NemaCon and I've just about recovered from the weekend and the week of work I had as soon as I got back (why I didn't book it off I'll never know...).

Anyway, since I have lots to update you on, I'll split them into sections so you can skip over anything you don't want to read!

So, lets get started shall we? 

- NemaCon

I had a great first time at NemaCon, and as will all cons I wish it didn't have to end!
I tagged along with my lovely friends Melissa and Calum from DragonJacketPro who were kind enough to put me up for the weekend and it was great getting to spend time with them properly!

I also got to meet a lot of my online friends as well as some new ones, and apparently, some of my 'fans' who were really nice about my costumes ^.^ thank you guys!

On the Saturday I went as Alice, and Mel joined me as Oz - we were such a beautiful pair.
It was great to have a cosplay partner and everyone else seemed to like it too!
We masqueraded together, as well as getting some beautifully shot derp photos, because you cannot go to a con without them. Look out for them on Facebook ;)

For the Sunday I wore my SeeU costume, after finally managing to get the tangles out of the wig (although it's back in that state again... damn wind!).
I didn't stay in it for too long though, because I was cold and a little uncomfortable. So I changed into Alice's shirt and skirt before the closing ceremony, and for the after party.

The highlight of the weekend had to be watching Mel and Calum's performance in the skit competition. I'd watched them practicing a couple days earlier, but it was even more amazing on the day! Of course, they won. Ahh, so proud <3

Over the weekend they also myself and Kai to join their cosplay group, which we agreed to, of course and I managed to score myself some sexy LoZ figures and some art for my friend. Money well spent! (Y)

...Oh and we somehow ended up watching a burlesque show at the after party, we so weren't prepared for that!

I finally got around to updating the site again, hurray!
I got pretty lazy with it, so had quite a few things to add and update. 
Here's a quick list of updates so you can go and check them out.

Check out our video from the weekend, and don't forget to subscribe for more!
DragonJacketPro NemaCon Video (includes skit)

- Site Updates

I finally got around to updating the site again, hurray!
I got pretty lazy with it, so had quite a few things to add and update. 
Here's a quick list of updates so you can go and check them out.

- Photoshoot added to Alice
- Costumes updated: SeeU & Alice
- Shop cleared.
- Events updated.

There are lots of lovely photos of Alice for you to go and check out, and even a progress picture of the scythe, which I'm slowly working on.
Hopefully there should be more coming from NemaCon too, so keep an eye out for those.

The events list and information for Alice and SeeU have also been updated and SeeU has now been marked as retired. I'm tempted to re-make it in the future, but who knows.

I've managed to shift all my costumes with the help of friends, so my shop section has been cleared for the time being.
I may open up commissions for small items and tunics over the summer, but this depends on my free time.

Finally, I've also updated the event list as I've found myself planning quite far ahead with conventions as well as cosplays and groups! I've added some new events as well as moving recent ones to 'past events'.

At some point I'll be re-arranging the layout of the events page so that I can put more details about my cosplay and group plans, as I'll be in quite a few large ones over the next 12 months, but more about those closer to the time.

Newly added events are: 
- SunnyCon 2013
- NemaCon 2013
- May Expo 2013

I've also gotten rid of my original home page and that godawful list of updates.
From now on my blog will be acting as the home page, and I'll inform you of site updates via this to hopefully make things a little clearer and so that I'll actually start using the blog.

- Cosplay Idol

I'm sure everybody knows about this by now, because I post about it quite often (sorry guys!) but I'm a contestant in this years Cosplay Idol.

Voting for the qualifying round ends soon - on the 31st July to be exact.
That's just a month away, so not long left. 

Currently, I'm 4th and I'm over the moon that I'm still in the top 5, so thank you so much to everyone who has voted, however people are starting to catch up.

So if you would, please share ask your friends to vote and keep me there long enough to get through to the finals!

Vote for me here!

To vote, just follow the link and click either 'G+1' or 'Like' above the image.
Tweets do not count as votes and you can only vote once per IP address.
You can also vote for as many contestants as you like, you're not limited to one vote!

& well done if you read all of that.
Phew, I'm done, bye!

Hey guys!As you might have noticed I moved my website and changed the layout of it.
I decided to change the website builder I was using because I was having quite a few problems with it. Hopefully this one should be much better.

There have been a few changes to the content since the move. For now I've dropped the Art and Furry Ones pages. They're still there, but they're empty, because for now I'm just going to focus on the costume stuff.I don't really have the time or patience to set up the other pages properly.

I've also added a Sales and Commissions page, because I have a few things I need to shift, more retired costumes and wigs will be added soon too! Commissions aren't open, but I'm hoping to open them for simple things soon, so keep an eye out if you're interested.

As well as this I've added an F.A.Q because I often get questioned about where I get materials from and how I make things. Please check it out if you have any questions, and submit some more for me if you have anything to ask, thanks!

I recently started work on my Alice costume too, and I'll be posting plenty of progress photos for this, which can all be found on the costume page. So far I've just made the bow and the base for the scythe while I'm waiting on materials being delivered, but it should be getting updated pretty regularly.

I'm hoping to have Alice finished for June for the cosplay meet. We've got a big Pandora Hearts group going which I'm planning to be a part of, it's exciting!
If she's not done for then, I'll have to wait until October to debut her at the MCM Expo.

While I'm on the subject of Expo, I just booked the hotel for that! My first Expo in London, I'm really looking forward to that, and to meeting many of my southern cosplay friends!

That's about all for now. Remember, I'll be using the main page to post the most recent site and costume updates so you can quickly browse that page for new things to check out. I'll try to update at least every week.

Thanks for stopping by!
~ Lex