Well well, it's been far too long since I last updated this and I've got lots of new things for you to enjoy! Now to try remember everything that's happened and everything I updated...

I've been working loads recently and haven't really had the energy to post much, so I apologise for my inactivity across my sites, though it's likely it'll continue for a while longer, at least until my contract and everything is sorted. I'll make up for it at some point!

Things have been equally busy on the cosplay side, what with Manchester Expo, two cosplay meets and new costumes. Things are finally starting to settle down where that's concerned, which is good 'cause I CBA making anything.

Anyway, site updates, here we go - sectioned to make your browsing easier.

New costumes and photosets:

Since the last time I posted I've become obsessed with Katekyo Hitman Reborn, like really badly. On the plus side though, it's gotten me back into drawing and it got me into some really awesome cosplay groups <3 as a result, I've gotten myself two new costumes, both KHR related.

These are Vongola Primo, a hand-made costume, and Kyoya Hibari, a costume bought from a friend, and I've got plenty to show you from them.

Over the past couple of days I've uploaded 5 sets of photos related to both costumes.
That's 3 photoshoots and 2 blooper/extra sets, which is a new feature I added to the site.
I decided since I always have humorous photos, and get some that didn't come out the way I wanted but still look nice, I didn't want them to go to waste, so I've given them their own page. From now on, for each photoshoot I upload there will most likely be a bloopers and extras set attached to it. I hope you'll enjoy them!

Here's a quick run down of all costume updates so you can go check them out.

- New Costume Page: Vongola Primo
- New Photoshoot: Vongola Photoshoot
- New Costume Page: Kyoya Hibari
- New Photoshoot: D18 Photoshoot
- New Bloopers/Extras: D18 Photoshoot
- New Photoshoot: Mini KHR/Neko Photoshoot
- New Bloopers/Extras: Mini KHR/Neko Photoshoot

Just a warning though, the Kyoya ones include a decent amount of yaoi, because me and Kai are fangirling over D18 ATM. SORRY. Youloveitreallythough...

Sorry I haven't got more progress on my other costumes, they got pushed out of the way for these latest too and I haven't yet found the motivation to work on them again OTL

Artwork and Requests: 

I've recently started drawing again so I've gone ahead and added a 'Gallery' section, though this isn't related to the costumes, so please don't confuse it with them. This is mainly for my artwork.
Photoshoots will still be uploaded to their respective costume page and not the gallery, however bloopers/extras will be kept together in the gallery..

I've added a few of my first digital drawings to the gallery and hope to have more up shortly.
Whilst this is around I'll also be taking drawing requests as well as photography/costume ones as I'd really like to improve and this seems a fun way to do it.
All requests are FREE and I'll draw almost anything.
Simply send me an e-mail via the contact me page and let me know exactly what you want.

You can also request a photo of me in any of my available costumes, serious or silly, it doesn't matter, I'm up for it.

Please just remember that I have the right to refuse any request if I'm not comfortable and I cannot guarantee requests will be completed quickly as I have to fit them in around work.

Other Updates:

As well as everything listed above I've also updated the 'Events' section now that Manchester has passed and I've also removed the 'Shop' section as I have nothing left to sell and have decided to run things like this soley over Facebook in the future.

I THINK that's about it. I'm hate trying to summarize everything in a blog, I'm so bad at it.
I'm so sleepy.

Lex out!
Today I finished Alice! It's brilliant to finally see it complete.
I've spent the past 3 weeks working on it pretty much every day and I've put a heck of a lot of work into it (far more than I have with other costumes anyway).

I posted a montage picture on the page a while back which showed lots of different aspects of the costume.
Since that image I added buttons to the costume, diamonds to the hair and laces and I shortened the red and gave it a border. 

Now I'm sure I've missed nothing! 
I'm proud to say I've included all the details I could find, but if you spot anything I've missed please do let me know!

Anyway, I wont be posting any photos of the costume, sorry! :P
I'm going to save that for the proper photoshoot shots which I hope to get at the meet next week. I'm hoping to get some really good photos out of this, so look out for those!

~ Lex