My Alice wig arrived! 
I adore it, and I keep wanting to wear it, but it get tangles so easily, so I have to leave it be until the meet.

I love everything about this costume!
The design is so pretty and half of it is stuff I'd wear in everyday life, and those gloves feel sooo nice to wear!  I'm so excited to get it finished, because I know I'm going to love wearing it.

Anyway, since the wig turned up I've been working frequently on the costume, or as frequently as materials will allow. 
I thought it was time to post a progress dump since I've actually done quite a bit. 

So far I've managed to put together the bow, gloves and skirt as well as a mock-up or test of the red coat.  Unfortunately I ran out of red fabric while making the mock-up so it only had one sleeve. I know what I'm doing though, so it doesn't matter that it only has one. 
Finished bow, Version 1.
Sewn detail on gloves.

Today, my shirt turned up too, I've been meaning to get a shirt anyway for interviews/work and such so I figured I might as well use it for this costume rather than making a separate one.
I tried it on with my skirt and bow, as well as with the mock-up, so that I could see where I needed to adjust the pattern when making the real thing. You can see below that I lined where I want to extend or change parts. I also re-made the top of the bow earlier, but have no photos yet. If you have any pointers please comment!
Shirt with coat and bow.
Planned pattern alterations.
(Click for larger image)

I'm really happy with how it's going so far, originally, I thought this would be really tricky, but as I've been working I've found out that it's actually pretty easy and not much different from my other costumes in terms of construction.
Apart from the bow... that's proving to be pretty tricky to make it look good and be the right size. I'm still not happy with it.

The actual fabric I will be using for the coat was delivered yesterday, and I'm waiting for a dressmakers mannequin to turn up tomorrow, so I'll be getting straight to work on it, and will hopefully have the majority of it finished by the weekend (bar buttons and zips which I still need to pick up!).

The boots I'm modifying have yet to turn up, I just hope they'll turn up in the next couple of the weeks and not after the meet...

Anyway, I've rambled on enough, you can find more progress pictures on the costume page:

You can also post comments on costume pages now, so if you want to, please drop a comment on there.

Thanks for reading,

~ Lex

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